Sunday, July 11, 2004

Everyday's a holiday

Hi gang, It is 1146 here in Taji,Iraq and the temperature high for the day is going to be around 109 degrees so once again am going to hide out as much as possible. For the next week I have been given the task of Hadji guard which isn't a fun detail but it's not all that bad. What is Hadji guard you ask well, Hadji guard is when we act as guards for the local nationals (hadji) as they work to make sure they don't try anything or run off. I only work from 0900 to 1600 and I get an hour lunch break, I may even only work half a day, but it beats being shot at or risking it. It's really kind of funny in a way though, we have gate guards that check our hadjis for any items of contaband, and they are backed up by perimeter guards. We also are training ICDC (Iraqi Civil Defence Corp) soldiers but they are being guarded by guards and the perimeter guards. So essentially where I am I have a guard watching the perimeter a hadji guard watching the perimeter a US guard guarding the hadji, and the perimeter, and then we all act as guards when anything feels fishy. Makes you feel kind of secure. Today I am going to start clueing you all into the terms we use around here as well as some of our slang. Here is the first three entrys in the glossary

Hadji- A term used for any local national, primarily those that are dumber than a box of rocks.

IED- Improvised explosive device

MmmRE- Meal really ready to eat it's only been cooking in the sun for the past 4 months or longer...

Well I'm off so until next time Stay Classy America


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